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ModMii for Windows
by XFlak
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  3. Important Notes

  4. Hacking your Wii

    1. Installing The Homebrew Channel (HBC) and Bootmii

    2. Note: if this Wii was previously modified, and it has either the HBC, BootMii as Boot2, or a Forwarder Channel installed, you can use that instead of an exploit.

      If using BootMii as Boot2 to install the HBC, turn on your Wii with the SD Card inserted and BootMii will load. Go To the SD menu and load bootmini.elf. This will load the Hackmii Installer allowing you to reinstall the HBC.

      If using a Forwarder Channel, just save the boot.elf/dol from the app you want to load (ie. SD:\apps\hackmii_installer\boot.elf or SD:\apps\MMM\boot.dol) to the location used by your specific Forwarder Channel (ie. SD:\apps\usbloader\boot.dol). Then start the channel and the Hackmii Installer will load allowing you to reinstall the HBC. Note, if your forwarder channel only loads dol's and not elf's, launch MMM's boot.dol, then use its "App Manager" to load the Hackmii Installer.

      This runs the Hackmii Installer. Use the installer to install the Homebrew Channel (HBC) and Bootmii as IOS and Bootmii as Boot2 (if possible).
      Note: If you get a "no vulnerable IOS" error message, run ModMii again and this time select the "Hackmii Solutions" option and follow the new instructions before continuing this guide.

    3. Making a NAND backup

    4. While inside the Homebrew Channel, load BootMii by pressing home and clicking Launch Bootmii.
      Press the power button on the Wii 3 times to get to the last option, then press the reset button (you can also navigate with a Gamecube controller).
      Press reset to choose the first option, then follow the directions on the screen to make your NAND backup (bad blocks are no problem).
      Backup the Bootmii folder, nand.bin, and keys.bin elsewhere and erase from the SD card (or rename it). You'll need these in case of emergencies, so don't lose them.
      Go back to The Homebrew Channel.
      Note: if Bootmii was installed as boot2, then it will show up as soon as the Wii is turned on AS LONG AS it finds the bootmii folder (mentioned above) on the root of the SD card.

    5. Install a patched IOS236

    6. Start the Homebrew Channel.

      In the Homebrew channel, if you do not have a working internet connection already set up, you will see an icon flashing in the bottom right corner of the screen indicating its inability to initialize the network. You should wait for the icon to stop flashing OR let it flash for 30-60 seconds before proceeding otherwise these apps may error shortly after being launched. If you encounter this harmless error, power off the Wii and repeat this step from the beginning. To increase your chances of success, add a working internet connection to your Wii via the official Wii Settings Menu, but be sure to say "No" when asked to perform an update.

      You only need to perform ONE of the below methods.
      Once either method successfully installs IOS236, you can move onto the next step.

    7. Install Priiloader

    8. Launch "Priiloader 236 Mod" via the Homebrew Channel
      After the Priiloader Installer loads, press + to install it.
      After successfully installing Priiloader, access it by powering off the Wii, then powering it back on while holding reset until you see the Priiloader menu.
      You should install some system menu hacks now (by going to System Menu hacks option).

      The priiloader menu is white by default, you can change it to black in the Priiloader settings if you prefer.

      One of the special functions of Priiloader is that it can autoboot any app/file instead of the system menu. Some apps (like crazyIntro) can't be used without it.
      For details on how to do so, visit

    9. Install WADs

    10. Load Multi-Mod Manager (MMM) via the HomeBrew Channel.
      If IOS236 is not already loaded, select "Load another IOS", then select IOS236
      Note: If this step fails with error -ret 2011 or other, you may need to retry patching IOS236. If the Wii was previously softmodded, you can try loading cIOS250 (or others like 202,222,223,224,236,249)

      In Multi-Mod Manager's main menu, go down to select "WAD Manager".
      Install the following WADs from the WAD folder (this list of WADs is unique to the information you provided ModMii).
      Be careful not to install any additional WADs that may have been previously saved in this folder (they may be safe, but I cannot say for sure).

      Mark each of the following WADs for installation by navigating to each WAD and hitting "+"
      Alternatively, you can hold "+" for 2 seconds to select all the WADs in the folder.
      After you've marked all the WADs listed below, press 'A' twice to install them.

      If any files fail to install properly, they will remain marked for installation, so just retry installing those files.

      Your unique list of WADs to install are as follows:

    11. Reinstall the Homebrew Channel

    12. In the HomeBrew Channel, hit the "home" button. In the top right corner you will see the IOS used by the HBC.
      If the HBC is using IOS58 and your HBC is not upside-down, you can skip this step.

      If the HBC is not using IOS58 or it is upside-down, you should continue with this step to reinstall it.

      Launch the HackMii_Installer via the HBC.
      Use the Hackmii Installer to fix/re-install the HBC (using IOS58). Once you've successfully reinstalled the HBC, you can move onto the next step of the guide.

  5. After modding your Wii

  6. After you are done modding your Wii, you can optionally delete any unnecesarry files by using ModMii's "File Cleanup" Feature.

    If you used Bannerbomb and choose not to use the File Cleanup feature, in order to avoid having your Wii freeze when accessing the SD Card Menu, you should delete the "aktn" folder where bannerbomb is saved (SD:\private\wii\title\aktn), or rename the entire "private" folder.

    At this point you're practically done.
    Now you should be downloading the latest homebrew applications and setting them up on your SD Card (or FAT32 USB Hard Drive) so they can be launched via the HBC.

    For playing your backups off a USB hard drive, run the USB-Loader Setup feature from ModMii's Main Menu.

    For downloading applications, you should:
    Another great resource is

    After getting whatever apps you want, you should get a boot.dol file and possibly a icon.png and meta.xml.
    For HBC to read your SD/USB correctly, your card must be structured SD:/apps/application name/boot.dol
    If you have a *.dol not named boot.dol, rename it boot.dol, otherwise it will not be recognized by the HBC.
    (optional: the icon.png and meta.xml should be saved in the same place as the boot.dol)

  7. Credits, Supporting Apps, and Sources

  8. ModMii was written entirely by me, XFlak; however, without the help of many other very talented people ModMii would not exist.
    Some people have contributed supporting files or programs, others have shared their knowledge, some have provided ideas and others have given their time.
    I have tried my best to recognize everyone's contribution to ModMii regardless of how big or small it is. If I've forgotten someone, please notify me and I'll add them to the credits as quickly as possible.

    • Team Twiizers
      Thanks to Team Twiizers for creating the revolutionary HackMii Installer. Without their hard work, the Wii might never have been unlocked. Many Team Twiizer Members went on to join Team Fail Overflow; a team that played a vital role in unlocking the PS3.

      I especially want to thank Bushing, who gave ModMii his blessing to download and use the HackMii Installer.

    • Giantpune
      Giantpune is a legend in the Wii Scene and I consider him to be a good friend of mine. He created many exploits, including the Smash Stack exploit for PAL and KOR Wii's (which is still the only method to fix 003 bricked Wii's), the Channel Forwarder dol, USB Loader GX, and many other computer programs to repair or virginize Wii's.

      He's contributed code to more projects than I even know about, so its impossible for me to truly convey his impact on the scene. He even took the time to explain a few things to me about cIOSs when ModMii was in its early stages and still known as NUS Auto Downloader.

    • Crediar, Daco Taco and Phpgeek
      The above people all had a hand in creating Priiloader. This was another revolutionary tool mainly because it was the first to offer some level of protection to newer Wii's that were unable to install BootMii at boot2. Crediar developed the original preloader as well as s/uneek, NMM, DML, etc.

    • Comex
      In addition to being a member of Team Twiizers and contributing to the HackMii Installer, Comex created the heavily utilized bannerbomb exploit. This exploit is what allows Wii's on firmwares 3.0-4.2 to be softmodded with only an SD Card instead of needing one of a few specific Wii Games.

    • Waninkoko
      Waninkoko was the first to publicly release a cIOS and other excellent apps like WAD manager, Save Game Manager, USB loader, etc. I also want to thank him for giving ModMii permission to recreate his cIOSs in WAD form.

    • Hermes
      Hermes is well known for his cIOS 222/223/224 and for his usbloader "uloader". For a time his cIOSs were the only ones to work with RockBand type games and they are still highly utilized today.

    • davebaol and XFlak
      These developers worked together to modify Waninkoko's rev21 cIOS and created a new "d2x" cIOS. This cIOS is currently considered the ultimate cIOS because it corrected many bugs and added features that were previously thought to be impossible (ie. Support for IOS Reloading Games). WiiPower was also heavily influential in achieving IOS Reload Support.

    • Rodries
      Thanks to Rodries for improving upon Hermes v5.1 cIOSs.

    • WiiGator
      WiiGator created a cMIOS and Gamecube Backup Launcher. Any GameCube fans owe a big thank you to WiiGator for his work.

    • cwstjdenobs
      cwstjdenobs is one of the few people I've encountered in the Wii scene that I would love to treat to a beer. He was always very supportive of me and encouraged me to ask him as many questions as I'd like. He is probably most well known for YAWMM (Yet Another Wad Manager Mod) which was the first Wad Manager to add brick protection by restricting users from making silly mistakes like uninstalling or stubbing a crucial file. He's also made and modified apps specifically for ModMii. For example, he modified WadMii so it doesn't timestamp WADs and he also made a setting.txt builder for ModMii's NAND builder.

    • Leathl
      Leathl is another awesome developer who supported me before I became well known by expanding upon his apps to further support ModMii. Leathl has created many Wii apps including ShowMiiWads, CustomizeMii, libwiisharp, patchios, nusfilegrabber, etc. Despite his recent inactivity, his apps are still highly used today... just goes to show you that quality work never gets old. I also want to thank RetroHead for him Mod of ShowMiiWads which ModMii uses to build emulated nands without requiring any input from the user. libwiisharp.dll is based on, the devs are Megazig, Omega, Xuzz, SquidMan, Matt_P and The Lemon Man. Also thanks to Daeken for writing and marcan for his LZ77 code.

    • scooby74029
      scooby74029's most well known for sneeky compiler, which is able to build multiple different versions of s\uneek. ModMii will always construct the latest version of s\uneek available on his sneeky compiler google code webpage. This means he has total control over what version of s\uneek ModMii will construct. He also created modifications of Leathl's libwiisharp.dll and patchios.exe to further support ModMii. Additionally, he's modified other apps like JoyFlow, JoyLoader GX, JoyLoader CFG, etc. On top of all that, he's an all around awesome person and I'm proud to be on his friends list.

    • WiiPower
      WiiPower created Neogamma, hands down the best backup disc loader for the Wii. He also modified WiiGators cMIOS and created what is today considered the ultimate cMIOS. Furthermore he's contributed code to many other popular usb-loaders and had a hand in adding IOS Reloading support to the d2x cIOSs.

    • OverjoY and obcd
      OverjoY created JoyFlow, a modification of WiiFlow that runs on s\uneek. He then teamed up with obcd to accomplish some seriously amazing things, like building their mod of s\uneek, NEEK2O, that allows it to load games in wbfs format and select from multiple emulated NANDs.

    • Arikado and the Dop-Mii Team
      They created Dop-Mii; a lot of apps borrow code from Dop-Mii, so even if you have never used Dop-Mii but used MMM or WiiMod then you owe a thank you to these people.

    • WiiWu
      He made Multi-Mod Manager (MMM) which has the functions of many different Wii modding tools all in one user friendly app.

    • WB3000 and WiiNinja
      Thanks to WB3000 for creating NUS Downloader and to WiiNinja for making a cmd line version of NUS Downloader. NUS Downloader is one of ModMii's vital supporting apps.

    • WiiCrazy
      WiiCrazy is most famous for "Wii Game Shortcut Creator" (formerly known as "Crap"), Crazy Intro and Crazy Intro Video. He also contributed to usb-loaders by bypassing some game specific security. WiiCrazy is another person who's always been willing to do everything in his power to help me, or anyone else for that matter.

    • oggzee, usptactical, gannon and Dr.Clipper
      Together the above people compose the Configurable USB Loader Team. This usb-loader has always been the first to add new features and in my opinion it's the best usb-loader out there.

    • Wiimm
      Thanks to Wiimm for creating Wiimms ISO Tools, including wit.exe which ModMii uses to convert Wii Games to s/uneek format as well as build forwarder ISOs.

    • diddy81 and symular syn of the Wii Theme Team
      The Wii Theme Team has created some of the best Wii Themes ever made! All of the alternative themes available in ModMii were created by them. I want to thank diddy81 in particular for working with me to ensure that all his themes worked perfectly for all regions.

    • FIX94, Narolez and the WiiXplorer Team
      Thanks to all these people for their contributions in making the best SD/USB forwarder. I want to thank FIX94 in particular who spent a lot of time testing ModMii's Forwarder Builder... he might be young, but he is wise beyond his years; just imagine what he'll be capable of when he's old enought to vote!

    • jskyboo
      Thanks to jskyboo for creating WiiMod. His app can do a lot of different things, and it was the first ahbprot enabled WAD Manager to incorporate davebaol's ahbprot bugfix.

    • ModMii's Translators
      Tranlating ModMii is an enormous amount of work. It's very challenging to get special characters to display correctly in a cmd window, not to mention keeping everything formatted properly. But probably the most difficult part of translating ModMii is keeping up with the updates. If you use a translated version of ModMii, I encourage you to thank your translator because it truly is a LOT of work to do.

      French Translators: mamule, xav91 and ketufe
      Dutch Translator: Hielkenator
      Italian Translators: Wasabi, Step and Robilyn
      Spanish Translators: ledebene and Burton

    • Fig2k4
      Thanks Fig2k4 for WiiBackupManager. It was a pleasure beta testing it for you and sharing my ideas with you. I hope to see you around the forums again and that you continue working on your amazing program.

    • WiiShizzza, pepxl, RobGee789 and M3RK
      Thanks to WiiShizzza for creating ModMii's new icon and to pepxl for creating ModMii's original icon. I want to thank everyone who created a ModMii icon and submitted it into ModMii's new icon competition.

      RobGee789 and M3RK did all the graphics used by ModMii Skin. It was a pleasure working with them, they were both very open to feedback and willing to "go back to the drawing board", so to speak, as many times as it took to get it perfect. Thanks guys!

    • My Fellow Guide Writers
      Thanks to tj_cool, xzxero, burritoboy9984, ChokeD and mauifrog for their awesome guides. I especially want to thank tj_cool and xzxero for inviting me to join "The Crew" at the Complete Softmod Guide. I'll never forget how great it felt to be relatively new to the scene and to be invited to join you all as equals.

    • JoostinOnline
      Thanks for determining the best cIOS configuration and for all his jokes; I'll never get tired of our endless patriotic "debates".

    • DaMysteryMan
      Thanks for helping me understand the structure of a cIOS so I could better recreate it in WAD form. For those of you who don't know him, DaMysteryMan is most well known for his ever controversial app - DarkCorp (formerly known as cIOSCorp).

    • person66
      person66 has had a hand in many projects, but most noteworthy are his sharpii cmd line tool and his Universal Forwarder Creator. He also wrote an autoit script that is used to launch ModMii with an icon, arguments and other useful functions.

      Thanks for trading little bits of batch coding knowledge with me. It's great having a fellow batch coder for a friend; we are a dying breed, so keep up the great work with Universal Forwarder Creator and all your other projects.

    • Gannon
      Thanks to Gannon for bootopera, which I was able to mod to create the URL loader base dol.

    • Violator
      He's my bro, my cuz, my best man and the reason I ever bought or modded a Wii. "XFlak" would have died many years ago if not for him. Thanks Violator, for getting me interested in this stuff, and for all the awesome music you recorded for ModMii and my Crazy Intro Videos

    • DeadlyFoez
      DeadlyFoez is legendary for his Wii Repairs and infectus tutorial. Anyone who's broken their Wii can email to have it fixed.

      DeadlyFoez played a key role in the ModMii v5.0.0 update not only by helping come up with the idea for using html guides but also creating the template for ModMii's custom guides and recording almost all of the videos and images they use. Within 1.5 weeks since our initial conversation we were able to collaborate and bring the idea to life in time to release it for Christmas. Working with him on this was a truly rewarding and fun experience. DeadlyFoez also single-handedly built (formerly which has become the official ModMii website.

      What can I say about THE "DeadlyFoez" on a personal level. He's always getting me into trouble but his friendship is worth every fiasco! It's unreal how he became one of my best friends. Just goes to show you not everyone you meet online is totally crazy; in his case... just a little crazy. But seriously, thanks to DeadlyFoez for always being there for me to bounce ModMii ideas off of, for hosting the first two Team Your Mom meetings and for introducing me to his awesome family and friends. There's no one else I'd rather geek out with and I'll always have your back.

    • All My Beta Testers!
      It's because of you guys that ModMii is as stable as it is. Considering that ModMii is developed entirely in notepad without any kind of debugger or developer tools; it's pretty remarkable that ModMii has always been bug-free (albeit with a couple minor exceptions). Thanks for your never-ending devotion to quality control!
      Here's a list of ModMii's current beta testing group (in no particular order): scooby74029, DeadlyFoez, redia, Etheboss, JoostinOnline, person66, brausm08, geovalley, undeadsquirrel, mauifrog, FIX94 and wolf.

    • You!
      Without you, there would be no reason for ModMii to exist. Thanks for using ModMii for all your Wii softmodding needs!

    Supporting Programs/Files Bundled With ModMii:

    ModMii source code available for download HERE.
    If you would like to contribute to the project, or have ideas, please send me a PM and we can discuss it further in private.

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