TALES OF THE ABYSS
                            An FAQ/Walkthrough
                        For the Sony Playstation 2
                       Copyright 2007 Richard Beast

 VIa. Baticul
 - Recommended Level: 2

Enjoy the nice, peaceful anime cutscene that you get at the beginning. Doesn't
beat the rocking tune at the beginning but oh well, whatever. And when you
emerge, you're controlling the main character, Luke, in his bedroom. Just to
give you a little background, he lives in the capital of the nation Kimlasca,
Baticul, but is not allowed to leave the manor there. That's all the technical
stuff I'm gonna spill out now. Leave this room to the south, and you'll see
that this game is another one in which the main character is prone to headaches
and hearing things. Cliche, much, but there's a reason this game is so long.

Outside Luke's room, take a right into that room there, and try and head past
the guard there, who will tell you that you happen to have a visitor. Yeah,
Luke is of royal status, even if you're soon to see his attitude. Head to the
room right below and take with the guy by the window, who goes by the name of
Ramdas. A guy by the name of Van Grants is arriving, and it just so happens to
be that Van is one of the only reasons Luke doesn't commit suicide. Get a taste
of Luke's attitude, and then head back to the previous room.

Here you'll get a skit which you can play optionally by hitting select, some
of which are great, some of which are boring, this one is on the boring side.
Plus there are way too many (489, I don't exaggerate), but whatever. Now just
return to Luke's room, where he gets another headache and gets greeted by his
friend Guy. More stuff, and then you can just leave this room and head left to
the hall there. Just head down to get to the drawing room to met the very
crucial Dorian General Van Grants.

Luke delivers one of the game's most hilarious lines already, "What's a Fon
Master Ion?". Hahaha... that quote will be funnier as the game goes along.
Apparently Ion has gone missing though, and Van has to go to a place called
Daath to look for him. Listen to another skit and then leave this room to the
north and this time head north again to reach Luke's parents' room, where you
can examine the cabinet at the right for 100 Gald. Money is scarce in the
beginning of this game, so every little bit helps.

Now head to the courtyard (the center of this place for all who are challenged
in whatever ways) to find Guy and Van talking, the guards being put to sleep
by some chick, and then you can sword train with Van. Very easy stuff, it's
all just tutorials. Move back and forth, attack, defend, use Luke's default
arte (skills in this game) Fang Blade, then perform a combo, that's it. After
that, the chick comes down trying to kill Van, and ends up doing something
weird with Luke. Before you know it, the "Seventh Fonons" react and they both

 VIb. Tataroo Valley
 - Recommended Level: 2

With that, Luke and Tear are alone, at night, in an unknown place. You'd think
it'd be much more romantic, but nope, they hate each other's guts but Tear has
to try and escort Luke back to Baticul, and he's apparently being protected
because he's a "Seventh Fonon" as well. You'll get it later. In the meantime
you've got a new party member, who has two artes: First Aid, which heals a
little HP, and Nightmare, which uses the First Fonon (that is, darkness) to
put enemies to sleep. Sounds good. She's also Level 3, but whatever.

Just head down the hill and you'll be attacked by monsters. I must say, this
battle theme is kick ass, even though it's about a third as good as the second
one which plays... in the second part of the game. Bahaha. But whatever, just
fight a ridiculously easy battle, watch the skit and scene that ensue, and
then head down while killing some enemies that take about five seconds to
finish off, if you so desire. There you'll come to an up-down fork. Take the
upper path first, and both branches from there for an Apple Gel and Orange Gel.

Okay, not bad, now return and head down, to be attacked by multiple enemies.
Quote of this place, Luke: "How the hell am I supposed to relax?!". Haha.
Okay, in any case, finish off more easy enemies and tutorials, then head to
the right, which might be a little hard to see, but you'll manage. There you'll
find 300 Gald and a Life Bottle. Sweetness, now just head back to the main
path and down a little more. There's another path in there that kind of blends
in, but at the end of it is a Cape. Equip that on Luke to raise his defense a
little bit; Tear is perfectly fine off.

Return to the path yet again and keep going down to find a coachman. I like
Tear's comparison of Luke, and also how they keep saying "the capital". Heh,
amusing much. Use the save point right above and snatch the 400 Gald above it,
and get on the coach. Apparently Tear was mistaken and this "capital" wasn't
Baticul... it was Malkuth's capital, Grand Chokmah. Watch the scenes onboard
Malkuth's land dreadnought, the Tartarus, watching as they put out a bridge
using the Fifth Fonon (fire).

So anyways, this situation sucks, but Luke and Tear have to get off here,
because getting off at Grand Chokmah would just get them further away from
Kimlasca. You'll then have the option of being taken or walking to Engeve, and
I highly recommend walking, just for EXP and Gald and stuff. Just follow the
road east, watch another tutorial (of cooking), and you'll come to a north and
south fork. North is to Engeve, and south is to St. Binah... I think that says
enough. North to Engeve.

 VIc. Engeve
 - Recommended Level: 4

Congratulations, you have made it through 2 of the 70 sub-sections in this
walkthrough... too bad most of them are much longer than five paragraphs. ;]
Just enter and then head to the upper left, where Luke will start trying to
take a store's product without paying cuz the poor boy is confused. Hahaha.
Alright, with the comic relief over, head to the west and enter the very
westernmost house and talk to the woman inside. She'll ask you to get some
miso, and Luke agrees because he's so nice. Or not.

Leave the house and enter the one just to the east of that one, with the
water mill next to it. Talk to the old woman just to the right, Luke makes a
fool of himself, and then return to the previous house and give that woman the
miso, to get some cooking ingredients and the Spaghetti Recipe. See, that was
worth it. Now just head to the eastern part of town and towards the south.
Apparently food has been stolen lately, and obviously Luke seems the perfect
culprit for that. So Tear lets him get arrested. Bahaha.

Inside you'll meet Colonel Jade Curtiss, Third Division Malkuth Imperial Forces
(one of the best characters ever created), and Fon Master Ion, who doesn't
exactly look captive. And apparently animals called cheagles stole food, not
Luke, so he's innocent. Just leave and return to that building at the bottom of
the eastern part of Engeve, to meet Anise Tatlin, who is a Fon Master Guardian
under Ion, and despite only being 13, she's one of Van's soldiers. Aight,
whatever you say.

Talk to the guy up front, who will let you stay for free, but Luke still flips
out in the room about being called a thief. Watch the skit that follows, and
your next destination will be Cheagle Woods, which is north of Engeve, just
because Luke is angry and wants to prove the cheagles the thieves. Watch the
two skits that follow, which are about Jade and then about the synopsis diaries
that Luke keeps, and then talk to the guy on the right to start buying stuff.
Oh yeah.

I STRONGLY suggest selling Luke's default armor, as the 1000 Gald you get for
it outweigh the fact that it's a piece of crap. I left with Luke wielding a
Cutlass, Leather Mail, Bracelet, and the Cape from Tataroo Valley, and Tear
wielding a Rod (the Wand is slightly overpriced for its own good), an Iron
Guard, and a Cape. With that, you're good to go. You might also want some
Magic Lenses, as they're cheap and useful. A few extra Apple Gels or Orange
Gels never hurt anybody either.

Leave the inn and then talk to the grocer who Luke swiped an apple from, and
he'll have a request for you, that you go get a box from the Cheagle Woods.
Well, why ever not. Leave Engeve and then head north a little bit. In the
process you might find rings of light being emitted from the ground, and I do
recommend examining that for a set of rather useless items which sell for some
Gald. Whatever, just keep up and find the tree there. The area around it is
Cheagle Woods.

 VId. Cheagle Woods
 - Recommended Level: 4

This area is the first really big "dungeon" area in the game, so get used to
it while you're here... some places in this game are going to be smaller, but
some are going to be a lot bigger... whatever, I'm done intimidating you. Or
not. Once inside, you'll find Ion being attacked by monsters, so he uses an
extremely powerful Daathic fonic arte to take them all out, and collapses in
the process. He'll start following you around, but no, he's not a playable
character. However, a cheagle manages to distract Luke, despite the fact he
discovers that Tear is Van's sister yet she wants to kill him anyway. Eh.

Before anything, head left at the fork to get the Secret Box. Just leave to
get out of Cheagle Woods now, and return to Engeve to give the grocer that,
and he'll give you the very valuable Collector's Book. Geez, that was hard
enough to find. But anyway, go back to Cheagle Woods and to that initial fork.
Head right this time, only to come to another fork. Bah... just head right
again and then down, following the path for an Apple Gel. None too shabby, now
just head back up.

Both left from that fork just a little bit back, and up from here lead to the
same place. Don't bother exiting to the east, since that's just a dead end at
the moment. Exit to the north, only for Ion to be as feminine as any male
character could ever hope to be. Ugh, that scene makes me sick. But on a
different note, I really hope that Luke and Tear are both up to Level 5 now,
so they can get the AD skill Free Run, which allows you to move around enemies
by holding L2 down. This game is miles different from Legendia already.

There's a west-east fork here, but east is just a dead end again, so head west
to find Tear scaring a cheagle away by her being drawn to its cuteness. Or
lack thereof. Anyways, time to find the proof. Just head towards the tree over
to the left, to find food spilled over the place. Now THAT is proof. Ion forces
you into the tree where they live, and you'll hear that the cheagles needed to
steal food to feed the ligers who came here, because a cheagle caused a fire in
the northern region where they live. So with that you'll have to negotiate with
the ligers, and take a cheagle to translate for you.

With that, a cheagle named Mieu will come along to help you. Don't get too
attached to this guy, because Luke is an EXTREME bastard to this little guy.
Oh well. Leave the tree, and Luke gives Mieu the creative name "Thing". What
a jackass. But anyway, Mieu can breathe fire, which is quite useful. Return
to the first screen of this place, and to the east which I said was a dead end
earlier. Burn the vines there, fight the Wood Golem on the way, and get the S
Flag that's there. A key item that lets you change your avatar. Okay.

Head back north to that other west-east fork, and just start going to the
east, where Luke complains about having to wade through the river to get to
the liger's lair. Oh well, just have Mieu breathe fire on the tree's roots to
create a bridge. Don't go through there yet though; head back to the cheagle
tree, but instead of going inside, head north and around, and then follow the
path south to a new screen. Beat up the Wood Golem, and head west for a 500
Gald and east for an Orange Gel. Me likes.

Alright, now head back to where you breathed fire to knock down the tree, and
cross it to head to the next screen to the east. Here, Ion will give Luke a
Capacity Core, and while you won't exactly learn how to use Daathic fonic
artes, your stats will increase after leveling up. With the Stre Core, which
Luke now has equipped, your strength will increase by 2 and defense by 1
whenever you level up... now that is an advantage. Tear's is more over the
place, but hey, Luke's works for who he is.

Here's another fork, so just head north and flame down the tree to cross over.
The rest of this area is littered with ligers, so just be careful as you go
through. Head west for a Magic Lens before going north into the tree there,
which is the much larger liger counterpart to the cheagle territory. Walk over
to the right a little bit and flame down the chest there... only to drop it.
Head west for an Orange Gel, then east for the Life Bottle that dropped, and
a green memory circle, which heals you. And you need it, because right ahead is
the liger queen, who is a little angry, but this has to be done. Boss time!

\\ Boss: Liger Queen Party: Luke, Tear \\
Stats: HP - 10,200 || - P. ATK - 76 EXP - 175 || - P. DEF - 83 Gald - 1,000 || - F. ATK - 72 Difficulty - Easy || - F. DEF - 80 || || Weakness - None Resist - Earth, Wind ||
Your initial inclination is probably that that is a massive total of HP, and I would certainly agree with you on that. However, it's a little less than you would think. Luke's total three hit combo will do about 80 damage or so, with Tear's Nightmare adding some damage into the mix, but you'll be spending a little more time either blocking its attacks or Free Running around it to avoid them. It's got a smash attack which causes a rather threatening impact, and it spits lightning at you for 60ish damage as well, so with the mid 400s that you have, you might end up depleted without some First Aid/Meditation if it activates going on. So either way, try and reduce the Liger Queen to about half of its HP. When I finally got down to the low 5000s (I suppose with some others it might be as much as mid 7000s depending on how long the fight has dawned on), Jade Curtiss steps in to take care of things. Jade is exponentially stronger than Luke and Tear put together, strutting his Level 45 and extremely strong fonic artes. For the sake of this battle, has strongest one is by far Blessed Drops, as the second best, Ground Dasher, is a resistance in this battle. So anyway, with Jade helping out, this fight will end very, very quickly.
With that done, the battle is kind enough to relinquish a Life Bottle and a Sage, as well as mucho EXP and Grade. With that, Luke kicks Mieu around, and Jade goes with you for a little bit, if only to criticize Ion. Grab the Life Bottle and Cutlass in the two chests that are there, and then leave this room to find the Technical Ring, which is a rather pointless item that allows you to switch to the Manual setting in battle. Yeah, whatever, just leave this tree and stuff. Head back to the left-right fork and head left this time, to get to the cheagle tree. The elder will exile Mieu from the tribe and allow him to assist Luke, which you can imagine will end in humorous results. Watch the rather entertaining skit that will no doubt follow that, and then just make your way back to the entrance of Cheagle Woods, where Anise and Jade have Luke and Tear arrested and taken on board the Tartarus. That's the second time you've been arrested in like... two hours. Not bad.