TALES OF THE ABYSS
                            An FAQ/Walkthrough
                        For the Sony Playstation 2
                       Copyright 2007 Richard Beast

 VIe. Tartarus
 - Recommended Level: 7

Alright, so basically, Jade and the company at Malkuth want Luke's help at
preventing a war from breaking out. Talk to Anise once you regain control, and
she'll join you. And yes, she does seem to have a thing for Luke, but that's
only because of the money he possesses... if it weren't obvious enough. Anyway,
enter the hall and then head north, up the ladder, and then south to find Jade
and Ion outside. Talk to both, as the conversation that ensues with Jade is
absolutely priceless.

With that having been done, return and enter the room where Luke was held just
a few minutes ago, and then talk to the soldier Marco to the left, to initiate
another confusing conversation around Luke. Watch as Jade gives up all his
pride, and then talk to Ion twice after that. With that, leave the room and
then talk to Jade, only to find the Tartarus under attack. With that, Largo the
Black Lion of the Six God-Generals of the Oracle Knights breaks in and uses a
fon slot seal on Jade.

That's right, Jade's artes are now sealed and he has to undo it little by
little, starting at the strength that Luke and company are at. Enjoy seeing a
different side of Luke here (yes, he is a wuss when it comes to taking human
life), and now you're free to roam the upper parts of the Tartarus. Take note
that the Griffins here like to form Wind FoFs, and if you use Luke's Fang Blade
arte in them, that'll become the much more potent Lightning Tiger Blade, which
looks cool and has an even cooler damage amount. Sweetness.

Head up the massive ladder here, and then cross the deck while taking out
enemies if need be. Tear and Jade leave Luke behind on "guard duty", and in
another spasm of hilarity, Luke starts swinging Mieu around because his voice
"drives him up the walls", which awakens the soldier, and then a rather fake
battle begins as Luke attempts to fight off the soldier, succeeds, the fonons
weaken, and then two God-Generals by the names of Legretta and Asch land down.
And the group is arrested again. Hahaha, that's three times now.

Inside the cabin, Luke is reluctant to fight because he has a serious problem
with taking human life, but he eventually agrees, so good for him. You need
your equipment back though, so just leave this room and head down a little bit
to find two doors. Enter the one on the right to get all that stuff back, then
go back to the hall and enter the very lower left room. In here, you get to
move blocks for three quite valuable treasure chests: the Styl capacity core,
1200 Gald, and a Life Bottle. Sweetness, I recommend putting Styl on Luke,
since Enhancement is a very, very helpful thing.

With that, enter the room on the bottom right, where Luke gets to do all the
heavy lifting because Jade is such a decrepit old man and Tear is a woman.
Aight, no problem. Just clear a path to the right, to find that "something fun"
Jade was referring to earlier... gunpowder. Bahaha. Watch Mieu blow up the
wall, and then grab the chest there for a Long Sword, which should be equipped
on Luke following that to kick more ass. With that, enter the hole you just
blew up, and then climb the three ladders.

Back on the center of the Tartarus, enter the room to the east only to be
attacked by Arietta and Major Legretta, two of the six God-Generals. Of
course, none other than Guy comes in now, being that he went everywhere looking
for Luke. And in the process you get Ion back, so that's a good thing. Anyways,
your next destination is St. Binah, and you'll be right at the fork between
Engeve and St. Binah. Just walk a few steps in the latter's direction, and Guy
gets to introduce himself. In the process you'll learn that Guy has a phobia
of women... never a good thing.

Just minutes later, Oracle Knights come in and attack, so after a rather
effortless battle, Luke hesitates, Guy and Tear come in, and Tear is injured,
delivering her favorite quote in the whole game to Luke: "You idiot". Okay,
whatever floats your boat. Talk to everyone after that, with Tear last and then
Mieu a second time to go to sleep. After a skit (lol at Mieu's 38 times),
another scene, and St. Binah is right nearby. Change Guy's Blade to the Cutlass
while you're at it.

 VIf. St. Binah
 - Recommended Level: 8

Heh, this music reminds me of that of Symphonia. Not bad. I might also add
before starting this place off that some people choose to control Luke in
battle, and some prefer Guy. I really have no recommendation because I liked
to control Luke for the most part because I was used to him and never really
got out of that habit, but Guy is certainly admirable, because of his greater
speed albeit slightly less strength. But anyways, the Oracle Knights are here,
but the people from Engeve come in, so Luke and company manage to get in.

After two priceless reactions from Guy, you're free to do some shopping around
St. Binah. I really recommend talking to the equipment shop guy and buying the
Rapier for the own between Luke and Guy of whom you're going to be controlling.
Also, the Glaive and Mace are certainly good weapons to have. The armor isn't
quite as important as just look at the stat gains. A little less, to say the
least? Bah, that was as stupid a line as Ion's last one. Some items wouldn't
hurt either, although I personally didn't need them. I was almost bankrupt
anyway. ;]

With that, head to the eastern part of town and enter the leftmost house there.
Examine the book on the far left to earn the Sandwich recipe... eh, not bad.
Go back to the western part of town and enter the northern building which has
two guards in front of it, so that Jade can have a talk with the two McGovern
people which seem to, well, govern this place. You'll get a letter from Anise
out of that (I concur with Luke's reaction), and next stop is Kaitzur, across
the Fubras River.

You'll also get the World Map out of it, so that is a good thing. But still,
try to exit the town, and you'll see five of the six God-Generals, who are
Van's immediate subordinates, the executive officers of the Oracle Knights:
Largo the Black Lion who survived, Arietta the Wild who wants revenge on Ion
for the death of... the Liger Queen, Legretta the Quick who's just tagging
along, Sync the Tempest, who seems to be in charge of things and is a newcomer
here, and Dist the Reaper... or Rose, whatever. He's obviously the comic relief
behind it.

After the scenes that follow, rest at the inn that's just next to the equipment
shop, and Ion will mention the Sephiroth (oh my GOD), which are the planet's
ten most vital points. The parallels are so obvious... watch as Jade says more
cryptic things, watch a skit, and now we're off to Kaitzur to rendezvous with
Van and Anise. First, though, it is absolutely IMPERATIVE that you sleep at
the inn again, because Guy and Luke has some practice that results in Luke
learning Sonic Thrust. After that's over, your next destination is Fubras River.
It's just a bit due south of St. Binah.

 VIg. Fubras River
 - Recommended Level: 8

Watch as Luke acts like a further fool of himself, and then head to the left
and use Mieu to burn down the vines for an Apple Gel. Aight, now head down a
little more, and you get to listen as Jade teaches you a valuable lesson. Just
use Fang Blade on the green field of fonons and you get Lightning Tiger Blade,
for some kickass results. Alright, but we already knew that. Finish the battle
and then you're faced with a fork that just goes the same either way. Eh, just
take the right path.

Grab the Magic Lens there, and then head down and a bit towards the center for
the 500 Gald there. With that, go south beyond the gate shaped thingy there,
where you'll reach the river itself. Okay, just start by heading to the left
and getting the Apple Gel there, then take the central path down and to the
right to find a save point. This is a rather big fork, so start by going north
to find a big gate... and a chest with an Iron Mail. How frivolously useless.
Go back down again, alright?

Take the path on the right and keep following it down, and on the next screen
you'll be attacked by Arietta again. Yep, the liger queen was indeed her
mother. But with that, an earthquake hits, and deadly mist called the miasma
starts pouring out. Jade is about to kill an unconscious Arietta, but Ion
and Luke have to bitch about it, so none of that. In the process, though, Tear
learns Force Field, which she'll be using quite a bit. But anyway, we're back
in control, am I right?

Just scope over to the right for an Orange Gel there, and then over to the
far bottom left to find a Life Bottle. Now head up the path which seems to
be covered with monster fangs (a disturbing mental image), and follow it to
find a chest containing a grand total of 1600 Gald in it. Now that is sweet.
You can just take that path out of the Fubras River, and then you're on the
world map going to Kaitzur. Jade will stop you halfway to ask about Tear's
fonic hymns, but that's no problem. Laugh at Luke's rather particular comment,
and then enter the extremely noticeable, easy to find Kaitzur.

 VIh. Kaitzur
 - Recommended Level: 9

A short trip... and yes, last sub-section was four paragraphs and this one is
normal. You ain't seen nothing of how crazy this'll get after a while, I'm
afraid. ;] Okay, that was idiotic and pointless. Once in Kaitzur, enter the
first building there, which is the inn/item shop. I personally didn't need any
items at all, although getting some Lettuce and Engeve Bread isn't a bad idea.
Just head to the bridge, and you'll find Anise there, who is rather without a
passport. And ever needlessly loving of Luke, no less.

Just as that happens, though, Asch comes in and starts trying to slice Luke
down. Once again we can't see his face, but Van manages to break in and get
Asch away from him, mentioning how pathetic Luke's techniques still are. With
that scene over, head to the inn and talk to Van, who's on the left side.
Apparently, the God-Generals are working under Grand Maestro Mohs, who Tear is
under the intelligence division of. So... who to trust, Van or Tear? It's up to
you. Feel free to rest, because Tear and Van don't trust each other.

Your next stop is the Kaitzur Naval Port. Just head a little bit south and use
the passports there to get to Kimlasca territory, and from there, just enter
the equipment shop on the right. Things here and very expensive, but I at least
recommend the Broad Sword for Luke/Guy, and the Guisarme for Jade. Get some
Leather Boots too, plus some Chain Mails/Chain Guards wouldn't hurt. Whew, now
I'm bankrupt. Anyways, on the world map which is south of here, you'll find a
fork between Choral Castle and the Kaitzur Naval Port. Stay away from Deo Pass
and the former, and just head to the naval port, which is close by.

And when you get here... you'll find Arietta the Wild, and monsters, have
attacked. The engineer has been kidnapped by Arietta, who is bringing him to
Choral Castle, where she wants Luke and Ion to head off to. Van, however, is
against that and wants them to return to Kaitzur. Whatever... stop off at the
inn before anything, though. There's no one there, but hey, there's a save
point. Nothing wrong with that.

There's nothing at the Kimlasca Base either, so just leave this place and then
some people will request that you go to Choral Castle... guess you don't have a
choice. Back on the world map, Choral Castle is roughly towards the southeast.
I might also note that you do have five party members, and the one out will
almost invariably be either the swordsman between Luke and Guy who's not there,
or Anise. Tear and Jade are... too valuable. But whatever.